inner nature makes the who we are


We on this blog love to inspire and encourage you to take steps towards your inside, your soul, your essence, your light and to walk even further on the path of the unknown. This way doesn’t pretend to be full of happiness, joy and light. It can be, of course. And the longer you walk along your way the more you explore the harmony and the acceptance of what and who you are or others, the world, the universe.

Some of us had serious struggles and ran away as often as we could to not complete ourselves by ourselves. Sometimes some old habits and clusters hold us back from what we are: blissful and creative beings in light and darkness. It is helpful and healing to exchange what we deal with. And that is why we share our stories on this website.

After I tried many things and mostly worked for others to be a part of the world, of groups and common ideas or ideologies, I liberate the ego to live truth.

The truth about us stays within us, always. It is your inner nature, your essence and the connection to it. It is not a concept or an idea. It is you, free and pure like nature.

Nature is light and darkness. Nature has seasons. It births itself, dies and rises again. Every second is unique even in the cycles of seasons. Every bit of you is unique. Sometimes you are synchronized to others, sometimes you belong to something or someone, sometimes you feel distanced. It doesn’t matter its all you bit by bit and everything belongs to your life. You are nature.

Maybe you feel inadequate. Maybe you feel enlightend (for moments). Maybe you are right on your path. Maybe you still have to find the nature within yourself.

I am interested, how do you become what you are? Do you go your own way?

In different cultures we find different manifested vibrations (aka nature, rituals and traditions). You can go one way or another. You can be synchronized to these vibrations. You can be disciplined and consequent when you follow traditional instructions. Not necessarily you find to yourself. You follow eventually. But you are more than this, more than one, two or three concepts. You are not a plan someone else figured out in the past. You are now. And you are your own complex and simple vibration, your own sound.

Our souls – young and old – experienced many ways of life already. You are all this in all dimensions you crossed, all vibrations you lived, all abilities you collected, all times you saw changing. And even this time has changed, is changing and will change. New experiences guarantee the next steps in evolution. We evolve. And you can just go your own way to listen to your heart, your vibrating sound. You evolve out of what was already and will be. Please do not hide.

What are you and how do you become the who?

My, Janines, journey is old and I began to live what I am to become who I am. I share my story and will share others. We are all the same: travelers through time and space at the same time and space and none of it.


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